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Kim B. Brooklyn, NY:   These guys were as good as it gets. I had a pretty complicated move that involved pick up in two locations, pouring rain, 3 story walk up, no parking.
They were super reliable, efficient, friendly, careful and wonderful to work with. I felt so at ease with my move.
Highly recommend Dan's Moving Service. 

Trent H. Brooklyn, NY:  
Dan and his crew are very professional, take great care with your belongings, and work quickly and efficiently. He is very accessible via phone, email, and text, and will work with you on times and schedules. He can give you a very accurate time estimate if you give him a box and item count.

Also of note is that his trucks are from NJ, and therefore are clean of bedbugs. (Any NYC-based truck is suspect, as the majority of the rentals out there are not cleaned as they are supposed to be after each trip.)

All items are strapped down in the moving truck, mattresses and box springs bagged, blankets used on furniture, and he has a container for any loose items you might have. (There are always some.)

In addition, I had some things in storage I had to pick up and was not charged for an extra stop.

I highly recommend this company

DJ P. Brooklyn, NY:   I can't speak more highly of Dan, and I've already recommended his services to my friend who's moving in a couple weeks.

I called him on Saturday the 26th, for a move on Thursday the 31st. (He was recommended by another five-star mover here on Yelp who was 100% booked.) He was friendly and articulate on the phone, and you could tell he's been doing this for a long time. He clearly stated his rates and assured me that there were no hidden fees for wrapping or mattress covers.  After I emailed him a list of my things, he replied in less than an hour that he would be able to move me.

Dan called me a half-hour before the move to confirm he was on his way. He and his associate, Will, showed up on time, and despite a lack of parking on my tiny Greenwich Village street, we were able to get the contents of my fourth-floor one bedroom loaded in about an hour and a half.

Afterwards, he offered to drive me and my cat to my new place in Brooklyn, which was a huge load off my mind. (The idea of traveling with a pet, with a bunch of stuff, and getting there before the movers had been kinda stressing me out all week.) He was nice to chat with on the ride over, and I found out that he's moved everything, from one bookcase to entire company offices.  The second half of my move went even faster.

All told, he arrived at my old place at 2:15, and they were paid and out the door at 5:45.

This is my fifth apartment in NYC and I have to say the easiest move by far. I never felt like he was milking the clock. He was fast, cool and efficient. An awesome job! 

Kassy M. Brooklyn, NY:   Dan is the man ! I found him on Yelp and was somewhat skeptical because the reviews were way too perfect. I decided to trust my fellow Yelpers though and had my boyfriend give him a call. We immediately got a great vibe from him, and felt a lot better about using him as our mover.

On the day of the move, he came a few minutes early and immediately started loading up his truck. Even though he gets paid by the half-hour, it was very evident that he wanted to get the job done as quickly as possible for us. He was very easy going and nice to talk to - he let us ride in his truck, which made things a lot easier for us.

The move only took 2 hours, thanks to Dan. He was amazing and delivered way more than we expected. He is extremely reliable, and very affordable. I will be recommending him to all of my friends.

Ali L. New York, NY:  
these guys were amazing!  they took what might have been a stressful moving experience and turned it into an easy and pleasant task that was entirely and professionally completed in two hours flat.

dan sets your mind at ease from the very first phone call, in which he walks you through his service (and bedbug-free trucks!) and rates (he charges by the half hour).  he was very accommodating, and gave me a three-man team for an evening move.  he called again twice on moving day, first to let me know more precisely when they would be arriving, and second to give me a 15 minute heads-up.  he brought plastic wrap and blankets for all of the furniture and took great care with all of my things.  

all of the guys in the moving crew were great, and if you pitch in it gets done even faster.  i was nervous before my move, and didn't know how i was going to get everything to my new place, but these guys really made it so easy.  highly highly recommend!!

Katia B. Brooklyn, NY:   My husband and I used Dan's services for a move last weekend (Williamsburg to Ditmas Park) and really, I could not have been more pleased. Dan was extremely professional, friendly, organized, level-headed and communicative. Moving is typically a nightmarish process, but Dan made us feel like we were in really good hands. He and his staff came prepared with furniture wrap and pads and dollies and a pleasant attitude. They packed their truck with real skill, strapping all the furniture tight and carefully. What more could you want? Reasonable rates too. No hidden costs. This guy is a bad-ass mover. Highly recommended!

Dan L. Brooklyn, NY:   Exceptional! Dan was prompt, professional, and got the job done. I was trying to transport a heavy loveseat from a colleague's apartment to my tiny basement apartment in an old building with irregular, narrow walls. It looked physically impossible, and after the hour I had paid him for, we couldn't get it down the stairs and I was willing to give up. He insisted we give it one more shot, and we miraculously got it done. He didn't ask for any additional money- not everyone would donate 25 minutes just to make sure the job got done. That's someone who takes his job seriously. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Pamela K. San Francisco, CA:   SO amazing! Very efficient and timely and nice (which does not always happen with movers in NYC). His rates r amazing and the service is immaculate. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He knows the neighborhood layout down to your specific street and can map out the fastest way to move you. Call immediately and book him before someone else does!

Brianna R. Stamford, CT:    It was the night before my move and my boyfriend called me to tell me that his movers decided they would no longer stop at my place on the way to our new apartment! I immediately ran through all the options, rent a truck from zip-car? a u-haul? try and do this ourselves after his movers were finished with his stuff? This would be my fourth move in NYC and I learned my lesson, movers are necessary. I frantically checked Yelp and CL, finally I came across Dan. I called him and even though he was booked solid he recognized my desperate situation and rented an extra truck just for me. He even called in one of his workers who was supposed to be off - this quality of service continued the entire time. Dan is honest, dependable and no-nonsense. He charges a flat rate for the truck and then labor by the half hour. He prorates it and doesn't charge extra for anything. He was quick and efficient and even though I basically caused him to get a $115 parking ticket he was nice the entire time. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone

NF P. Brooklyn, NY:    If I could give these guys 6 stars, I would. They helped me out in a tight, last minute bind and were super reliable, very efficient, and pleasant to work with throughout. For as long as I'm in the NYC area and I need something moved, I'll be using and recommending Dan and his team. Thanks again guys!

Sara M. Brooklyn, NY:    I just had Dan and his crew help me with an intra-Brooklyn move last week, and I couldn't be happier. He was extremely prompt in getting back to us with estimates, answered questions, and confirmations pre-move. His hourly rates are comparable to some other 5-star movers on yelp, but minus any hidden fees AND most importantly, minus potentially bed bug-ridden trucks!

The actual move went very smoothly (two 3-floor walkups). He and the two movers busted their butts, wrapped the things that needed it, and everything wound up in our new apartment safe and sound.

I would highly recommend Dan's services; in fact, I already did to a co-worker!

Peggy C. Manhattan, NY:   We moved to a 4 flr townhouse (NO elevators). The original time Dan estimated was 4 hrs, we finished in 9 hrs!  I didn't realize how much stuff I had...haha.  Not only was Dan very pleasant and POSITIVE, two of his workers were SO amazingly positive and nice as well.  They were very mindful of my fresh new walls and of my belongings.  They did not complain and worked the whole day with a great attitude.  Also, they did not dilydally, they were using every single spare second to work.  I felt  absolutely awful that I had no elevator.  They carried each and every one of my boxes and distributed them to their respective flrs.  With no lunch break either!  We were almost going to go with Flatrate just because they would pack for me but then decided to go with Dan because of his reviews and we are so glad we did!  The whole day was no drama and as stress free as can be.  He knew exactly what to do and he was not out to squeeze every last penny from you.  He was super professional from beginning to end.  I highly recommend him!!

Edward T. Brooklyn, NY:   If you need help moving and you know you and your friends aren't enough, call these guys. They're real pros. They'll always be on time and quick.

D.Y. Brooklyn, NY:    What a nice man!  Dan didn't move my stuff, but I have to give him a five star review, and I'll tell you why. I was planning a art studio move and I called Dan - fully prepared to pay for his services. Even though he was available for the date I wanted; when I described what I had to move, he advised me to just call a cab company and ask for their largest vehicle - something I stupidly hadn't thought of - because even if I had to make two trips, it would cost less than hiring him.

He said - and I quote -  "I'm not out to just take people's money".

In other words, the guy has integrity. He saved me a bundle, and he really didn't have to - I would have hired him. When I do make a big move, I know who I'll be calling.

Bret M. Brooklyn, NY:   I had an absolutely flawless move with this company.  I cannot possibly recommend them highly enough.  I contacted them somewhat last minute when my previously booked mover fell through, and they were very accomodating.  They showed up on time, carefully wrapped my furniture in blankets and shrink-wrap, and quickly and efficiently packed the truck.  When we arrived at my new place, they unpacked and moved everything in super fast.  It was the last job of the day for them, and even though I could tell the guys were tired, they didn't drag ass at all.

Dan (the owner of the company) is very professional, personable, and honest.  He gave me a very reasonable quote based on how much furniture I had, and my estimated number of boxes.  They charge by the half hour, plus a truck fee, both of which were clearly outlined the first time we spoke on the phone.  His employes were respectful, friendly, and really efficient.  As others have noted, Dan uses trucks from outside the city so as to avoid picking up bedbugs and roaches that city trucks can be exposed to.  I hadn't even thought of that until he mentioned it, at which point I felt a jolt of the heebie jeebies, and then relief.  When my move took less time than anticipated, the cost of the original estimate was reduced accordingly.

I will be using these guys every time I move from now on.  You should too.

Meg M. Jackson Hts, NY:   I can't think of a single reason why these guys don't deserve five stars. Dan did a great job of explaining things from the very start. The rates were very reasonable and the quality of service you get for it  can't be beat. He was VERY understanding about a mishap with a cab driver that I had that caused me to be a little late to my own move. Both him and the two other guys were very nice and personable, making what could be a stressful time actually a pleasant morning. I live in a 5th floor walk-up and they handled it like troopers.

Michelle C. Brooklyn, NY:   Dan and his rockstar Moving Service helped me out big time last night. They took on a job with super short notice and took extra care wrapping and moving a massive (5ft x 7ft) HEAVY mirror up my fourth-floor walk-up. Dan even brought an extra guy free of charge for time efficiency and to ensure that the piece was navigated properly up the stairs. I had serious doubts about two narrow flights and as I told Dan, he offered to store the piece should it not fit. Whadda ya know? They did it with a breeze. The communication was punctual and helpful. The pricing was affordable. And the service super friendly. I think these guys could probably move anything. Thanks Dan!

Rochelle F. Manhattan, NY:   The best moving experience of my life! Dan was recommended by a friend and I will do the same for anyone who asks. All details were discussed on phone, immediately followed up with email confirmation of information. Dan called prior to arrival, showed up precisely on time, no damages, worries or anxieties. Good will all around.
He is a rare moving professional. Six stars.

Rick B. Manhattan, NY:   For as stressful as moving can be, Dan and his crew made my moving day surprisingly smooth and efficient.  He was always easy to contact, understanding and flexible when I had to change my move date, discussed all fees upfront (and they never changed), and he made sure that my belongings were taken care of at all times.  His truck was fully stocked with straps for furniture, blankets for padding, mattress covers, etc.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience and would definitely use him again in the future.

Michael B. Brooklyn, NY:
   Before I begin, let me sum this up concisely: Dan moved us into a completely unfinished (surprise for us!) apartment during Hurricane Irene and still it was a wonderful experience.

Dan was extremely professional, friendly and polite throughout the entire process. He and his co-worker (who had the strength of ten men, I'm not lying) basically packed up our woefully ill-prepared apartment, moved it without damaging a single item, and brought it up two formidable flights of stairs to the new place in 3 hours...during a hurricane, mind you...and were all smiles and jokes the entire time.

For the quality of service provided, the price is incredible. What he says he's going to charge, he charges, which is honestly a first for me, and this is my fifth move in NYC. He sent us a thank you note for our attitude and assistance. HE sent US a thank you note. For moving US into a new apartment in a hurricane. A thank you note.

Call Dan. Is what I'm saying

Juliette B. Brooklyn, NY:   Dan's the man!!! Dan moved my belongings with great care. Was prompt, professional, and even set up my furniture! I highly recommend his service. Thank you Dan for moving me in.

Richard S. Jericho, NY:
   Dan and his assistant were fantastic.  They were fast and efficient and had a great attitude.  They had to make a move from LI to a NYC  3rd floor walkup.  No elevator and 85-90 degree heat!  They just powered through and got it done in record time.

Dan's easy to reach and talk to.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a mover who's a pro and a gentleman to boot!

Brittni S. Manhattan, NY: 
  I was extremely happy with Dan's Moving Service.  I arrived at my apartment in a U Haul from Maryland and two of his guys were already there waiting and ready to unload.  They were professional, extremely efficient and quick.  Especially since I had a 5th floor walkup.  I had a queen bed, two dressers and the usual load of stuff and it only took them an hour.  I was amazed.  Couldn't be happier.

Jesse S. New York, NY:
   Dan is a great guy and he and his crew were very professional. Throughout our dealings he was very communicative, calling when leaving the previous job and again when he was near by. Going into the move I was a bit worried considering that I have a california kingsize bed and massive dresser and mirror. However at no point was I ever worried about my furniture as Dan made sure to wrap each piece thoroughly and even aquired a truck from far out in New Jersey to assure that there would be no risk in the truck being infected. I would hope that all moving companies start doing this except then maybe Dan would have to drive even farther out to make sure he is providing his customers with a safe environment for their valuables.

Cheers Dan, Solid work.

Sharon O. Brooklyn, NY:
   Dan and his crew were excellent to us. Responded immediately to every little email I sent, were prompt, and VERY careful with all of our things. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their moving needs!

Lindsey M. Louisville, KY:   Dan's moving recently moved my daughter's belongings from East Village to West Village.  He was very professional and the price was reasonable.  He communicated beforehand so I understood the price and had absolute confidence that he would show up when he said.  I have used other moving companies in the City in the past and Dan's is much better!!!  Highly productive, ethical, and fair.  I recommend this moving company without reservation.  Lindsey Miller

Tara S. Brooklyn, NY:  
Dan's crew was super professional and efficient.  They were very careful moving the contents of my studio (which I'll admit were terribly packed - by me - and falling all over the place).  They took apart my furniture quickly and put it back together efficiently and carefully.  
I moved my entire design studio including an industrial sewing machine, cutting table, filing cabinet and about 30 rolls of fabric, as well as bags and ill-packed bags full of miscellaneous stuff!
I would absolutely recommend Dan's crew for my next moving job, they're fantastic to work with!

Stephanie M. Brooklyn, NY:
   My roommate and I used Dan's Moving Service today and could not have had a better experience.

To begin, Dan called to ask if they could come early, which is amazing, who has ever had movers come early?  He did a great job moving me from the West Village to Park Slope. It was totally quick and painless.

He was extremely professional and goes above and beyond what your average mover will do for his customers.

Would use Dan's services again in a heart beat.

Nelson E. Brooklyn, NY:
   Dan's moving service was recommended by the Band with the Van, which came up first on a Yelp search. Spoke to him on the phone and found out his rates were reasonable. I emailed him the details of my move and confirmed my appointment quickly. Dan and Roy arrived on time and worked quickly. And when I arrived at the drop off point much later than they did, they had already unloaded all my stuff into my building which probably shaved off an extra hour's fee for me. Professional, friendly, and quite possibly the cleanest small moving company ever.

Yann M. Jersey City, NJ:   I called Dan in a rush 3 days before my move, and he replied positively. I moved from Jersey City to Stuyvesant town, it took us only a bit more than 2 hours (45 minutes in the traffic) to move everything. It was fast and very professional. I couldn't expect anything better. I will definitely call Dan for my next move and recommend him to any of my friend.

Vallen G. Manhattan, NY: 
  "Dan's moving service was excellent and I highly recommend them.  I used the service to move 20 boxes 40 blocks in Manhattan and they did it under an hour, were very courteous, and careful with my things.  

Flat rate per half hour, no hidden fees. I will call Dan next time I move!

Geoffrey H. Brooklyn, NY:
   Im really pleased that I called Dan.. He really came through at the last minute when another company was flakey. Dan was in touch by phone to and answered all my calls to put my mind at ease that he was on the job. It was midnight, and Dan and his assistant worked so diligently to get the job done efficiently, but also safely. All my stuff made it in one piece.. Dan is also a great guy and moving is stressful, so I felt better having him along the ride at least for that night.

I'd recommend him in a hearlbeat.

Elizabeth A. Brooklyn, NY:   Awesome! I just moved today [prime time],  I was lucky to snag these guys for a July 1 move. I called other companies and I was quoted prices up to $700 for moving a small studio apartment's amount of stuff 10-15 blocks.

Dan, Stan and Roy moved me: they were super friendly, very respectful of my belongings, and they worked super fast. We were done moving me in under 2 hours. They even offered to help me re-assemble my bed! They had blankets and a mattress cover for my stuff...and all of that was included.

It was a great move =) I highly recommend using this service. Affordable, professional, friendly, and fast.

N.Z. Brooklyn, NY:   Dan is the consummate professional and I am ever so grateful to have met him - I now have two 5-star movers! He was refreshingly accessible, articulate, and super friendly. Dan managed to squeeze me in fairly last minute, took the utmost thorough care of the pieces I was moving, was highly efficient, and very clear in stating his rates. His trucks are from NJ and he is extremely vigilant regarding ensuring they are bedbug free - in fact, since he began, he has never had a single issue. I HIGHLY recommend Dan and his crew for both small and larger moves. We will absolutely be working together again

Craig C. Brooklyn, NY: 
  PERFECT!!!  polite, friendly, reasonably priced, and the move was done exactly as asked

Samantha G. Manhattan, NY:   We couldn't be happier with Dan and the move. Moving is always a stressful experience but Dan and Stan made everything feel easy.  They were punctual, courteous, professional, efficient, and just really nice people. We will definitely be hiring and recommending Dan's Moving Service for any future moves.  He deserves all five stars and then some!

Senait T. NYC, NY:   Dan moved me and my roommate today and was really fantastic.  We spoke to him about our budgetary and time constraints and he and his partner worked so efficiently and were so kind to us.  He asked us which items were a priority and strategized with us so that he was sure we used our time to benefit us most.  Great guys, great job,

Julie M. Washington, DC:   Dan did a last minute move for me last night, and it truly saved me.  I was planning to move myself b/c I had very little stuff, but was having medical issues and realized I wasn't going to be able to handle it.  I called Dan and he agreed to help me, even though it was at the end of a busy day for him and it was a small move.  On top of that, I got a little guided tour of Brooklyn and Queens as we drove to my new apartment - being new to NYC, that was nice bonus.  Definitely recommend his service.

Wilfred W. Brooklyn, NY:   There are very few times that you actually enjoy giving people money because they do a great job and you can tell that they're just good people. Man-with-a-van Rob who was booked out for the week suggested on his voice mail to try Dan and the karma trail led me to his two trusty sidekicks, William and Alejandro. They arrived on time, we're incredibly friendly, and did the job for the estimated amount and time.

Illiana Z. Brooklyn, NY:   Dan moved my family from Brooklyn to CT today and he was AMAZING. He did not only care for my personal belongings but was very patient with my 2 small boys that were running around while he and his crew did the job. He knew exactly what he was doing and  directed his worker to  move our stuff to his truck and then unload in a very efficient fashion. My husband and I just bought the house of our dreams so we hope this is the last time we have to move.. but if we have to do it again....DAN IS THE MAN!


Honest, reliable, efficient, and fast!

Esther S. NY, NY:   Dan, his truck, and his moving skills are amazing. You can tell he's been doing this for a long time. He is no amateur. He loaded up the boxes of my apartment in his truck in a very snug fashion so everything could fit. He is strong and his muscles are built like steel. I moved out of a 3rd floor walk up to a 5th floor walk up.  They were efficient and fast. He is also a musician so after we moved in, he hung out with some of my friends and we jammed on guitars while unpacking! He is a trustworthy fellow and you will not be disappointed if you call him.

Lisa F. Douglaston, NY:   I called with very short notice to move a digital piano from a fourth floor walk-up in Manhattan to a second floor walk-up in Queens.  Dan worked with me to find a convenient time.  He even disassembled and reassembled the piano for me, tested it out (he knows a lot!) and showed me how to use the various features.  He went way above and beyond for me.  Like Shiuan X., I also called Rob, whom I had used in the past, and was referred to Dan.  Best referral I've ever gotten.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Dan's Moving Service.  Very accommodating and conscientious.  Takes pride in his work.  And a really nice person.  Call him ... you won't be sorry.

 Janie F. New York, NY:   "THE BEST MOVING COMPANY" is what Dan's Moving Service SHOULD be named! Dan (owner) and an employee (Pedro) arrived for our move from Union Sq to M.T. EXACTLY when they promised (actually they got started 10 minutes prior to our contracted time and STILL ONLY charged us for the agreed time!). From the second we met them I knew that we had hired the BEST company and we knew that we were in very capable and good hands! Dan and Pedro were not only super friendly (I seriously felt like I had known them for years, like a BF or a favorite cousin!) they were professional, efficient and made our move (which always has the potential of being a stressful and aggravating process) a breeze! Unfortunately another roommate who was moving as well (same day) scheduled her movers at the exact same time which created a bit of chaos (waiting for the one and only freight elevator and getting out of the apt with both of our belongings) but Dan and Pedro took charge and were able to get all of our things out in a flash. Their truck was clean and Dan made sure that the truck he arrived with was large enough to accomodate everything. My last move the truck was too small and I ended up having to move some of the things myself! No hidden "charges", no drama, no pressure, just a GREAT MOVE! I would ONLY use Dan's Moving Service for any future moves (hopefully NOT for a while though!!! HA HA) and would ONLY reccomend Dan's to anyone that I know is in the need of a moving company! Thanks so much Dan (and Pedro)!

 S.J. Brooklyn, NY:   We had to arrange a last minute move after our first movers couldn't get our sofa through the door. Thank God we called Dan! He and his partner, Pedro, moved our sofa, several heavy boxes, and a bunch of unwieldy items from our apartment to our storage unit in under an hour. Not only is Dan fast--his rate is incredibly fair (no hidden fees or charges). He has a great attitude: he's friendly and warm, but doesn't let that slow him down when he's on the job.

We'd had other movers break an antique table in two, so we were concerned about several fragile items that we needed Dan to move...but he and Pedro treated them as carefully as if they were their own.

All these five-star reviews may seem too good to be true; they're not. We cannot recommend Dan highly enough (and we wish we'd called him to begin with!). At least there is no question who we will call when it is time to move all of our crap OUT of storage.


Loren D. Brooklyn, NY:   I have moved several times in N.Y.C.  I have moved several friends in N.Y.C. I have worked in production moving all kinds of furniture,artwork and expensive supplies and tools, instruments of all kinds.  I have hired people to do all of the above. Nobody in 25 years has come close to doing that as perfectly and as financially beneficial to me as Dan.  He recently moved a few antiques,etc out of storage in Queens to a farm house basement 100 miles away..he made what could have been a difficult/complicated long day..an easy, simple afternoon.

Sonia S. Bronx, NY:   dan's moving service is the best .he came with a nice clean truck well prepared .he is a professional nothing was damaged knows what he is doing has a good partner .if you need a mover he's the man for the job i give his moving company 5 stars and more.i recommend him and i will always call him if i need help. he is friendly respectful easy going i felt as if i had known him for years.trust me he's the man for the job.you will be happy that you use his service he's top of the line.**********

Maria R. Brooklyn, NY:   Dan moves with integrity.  In fact, that should be the name of his company--"Dan, who moves with integrity."  Not only did he agree to move my things within a few hours after I called him to request the service, but he even charged me a reasonable price despite my obvious state of desperation.  On the day of my move, I had the unfortunate opportunity to move out of a storage facility at the time that it was holding an auction.  Not only did the participants park their cars in the loading docks, but they also had complete control over the freight elevator, leaving me with a small passenger elevator and a nice little walk to the truck.  Dan insisted that he be allowed to use the freight elevator to avoid wasting my time and to save my money.  I was both surprised and impressed by his honesty--I have not had such luck with movers in the past. In the end, I was quite satisfied with the service.  Although Dan looks like a biker--clad in tattoos and long hair--he has the charm and class of a southern gentleman.  I would strongly recommend his services.  In fact, from now on, he is the person who will move my friends and me.  If he is good enough for us, he should be good enough for you, too.

Stephanie J. Brooklyn, NY:   Dan and Evan are professional, hard-working, witty, and thoughtful. If unexpected moving logistics occur, they will remain calm and collected. I recommend Dan's Moving Service highly, and without reservation. Good luck with your move ~ and give them a call!

Shiuan X. Brooklyn, NY:   Had an extremely great experience working with Dan and Evan. (Did a lot of research )  I am an extremely particular person and don't usually trust people in general and this was my first time hiring movers. (My male friends disappeared for the weekend). They give a flat half hour rate fee (instead of hourly). They're very careful and organized. (They were even more careful than me with some of my stuff!) They even had terms for how to move big stuff in tight spaces (I didn't know what they were saying---OK, we'll have to do the L turn, scoot the bottom out please, ready 1,2,3)  and worked very well together. Dan even offered to keep me in mind for when free stuff comes up in the future in his moves and even declined an extra tip!! Are they crazy?? No, just really really nice and I think we're friends now?! This new NYer is very happy. ;-)

Loann L. New York, NY: 
  Very Reliable, hard working, friendly & efficient. I had over 30 boxes to move including all my furniture. They moved all my stuff from a 5 floor walk up in the snow storm within the time frame my co-op allowed and was pleasant the whole time. The pricing was fair and there were no additional hidden charges. They even gave me a bottle a wine to celebrate my new apt afterwards.. Highly recommend and I will use them for all my moves if I ever move again.!

Jon K. Philadelphia, PA:   On time, efficient, packed and drove the truck safely.  Pricing was fair with no tricks.  Everything was agreed on up front.  Couldn't have been better.

Mary C. Ossining, NY:    I wanted to say more than just 'great' so I looked up some synonyms and ALL of them apply:
Main Entry: great
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: excellent, skillful
able, absolute, aces, adept, admirable, adroit, awesome, bad*, best, brutal, cold*, complete, consummate, crack*, downright, dynamite, egregious, exceptional, expert, fab, fantastic, fine, first-class*, first-rate, good, heavy*, hellacious, marvelous, masterly, number one, out of sight, out of this world, out-and-out, perfect, positive, proficient, super-duper, surpassing, terrific, total, tough, transcendent, tremendous, unmitigated, unqualified, utter, wonderful

Do not hesitate to hire Dan and his partner Evan. In addition to the adjectives above, let me add: honest, friendly, and professional.

John D. New York, NY:   Used Dan's Moving Service today, and could not be any happier. He arrived on time with a van that could easily fit everything i told him I had. He and his partner were extremely friendly and professional. I'd have no problem recommending them to friends.

Tim R. New York, NY:   I took a risk and went with a man with a van on craigslist and it completely paid off. Dan and crew are fantastic. They arrived promptly and took great care of my stuff.

And this wasn't an easy move -- fourth floor walk-up to fifth-floor walk up. Astonishingly, Dan and his buddies not only moved everything efficiently, they had a great attitude about it.

To contrast, my roommates hired other movers off of craigslist that cost twice as much, grumbled the whole time about 5 floors (what are you being paid for!!?!), and demanded a 30% tip.

Dan gave me a bottle of wine at the end.

I couldn't recommend Dan enough for an easy, affordable, and stress-free move.

Eric M. Brooklyn, NY:   If you need a man with a van look no further. This guy is spectacular! He's extremely timely, he cares about your stuff (he's very gentle) and definitely knows what he's doing. I was referred to Dan when I tried to get another mover who was booked up for the day I needed. Dan arrived early with an associate. They moved this two piece armoir for my girlfriend and I that was heavy. Not just heavy, but extremely heavy. They carried it around a very tight corner in the hallway and down this very narrow staircase in the woman's building we bought it from. These guys were so pro it was unbelievable. Look no further. Really cool guy on top of that. There are a ton of guys out there on Craig's List that are really sketchy and will be late or won't show. Plus, they'll be creepy. Dan is absolutely top notch!

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